Lee Tat Group has been established since 1979 and becomes one of the largest knitting enterprises in the Pearl River Delta. Nowadays, we have six subsidiary companies, namely as below:

-Lee Tat Knitting Factory Company Limited (Zhongshan);

-Li Hua Dyeing & Finishing Factory Company Limited (Zhongshan);

-Lee Fung Flat Knitting Factory (Zhongshan);

-Lee Tat Engineering Stripe Knitting Factory (Zhongshan);

-Lee Tat Trading Company (Hong Kong);

-Huang Shi Lee Tat Textile Company (Hubei). 

          In order to enhance productivity and efficiency, Huang Shi Lee Tat Textile Company Limited is recently established in 2009 that is located in Hubei Province. It occupied 500 acres in Cheng Xi Bei Industrial Zone, where is around one hour transportation from Wuhan city (Downtown).


       Our slogan "Constant and Sustainable Improvement, Excellent Quality and Services" encourage us to become a prominent position in the competitive knits market. Lee Tat employees are well-trained and familiar with the importance of quality management. We follow the designated guidelines for the production process control before actual delivery. Therefore, our products are guaranteed to satisfy customer requirements.

Meanwhile, Lee Tat Group has been accredited with ISO9001:2015 and OEKO-TEX 100 certificate accreditation to guarantee our products being undergone in sustainable quality and environmentally friendly aspects.


The vertical production expansion enables us to produce a large variety of knitted fabrics, jacquard flat-knit collars & cuffs, and yarn dyed knitted fabrics. With the supportive capital and investment, Lee Tat Group has installed more than 1000 sets of knitting machines, including about 500 sets of circular knitting machines (i.e. Japanese "Fukuhara" brand, Taiwanese "Tien Yang" brand and "Honda" brand), 200 sets of flat-knit machines and 90 sets of auto-stripe knitting machines.


Besides, our dyeing house equipped with 140 sets of dyeing tanks, including 10 sets of German-made Heat Setting Machines, 4 sets of Italy-made Compacting Machines, 2 sets of Italy-made Carbonized Suedeing Machines, 2 sets of Italy-made Peaching Machines, 2 sets of Shearing Machines, 12 sets of Taiwan-made Brushing Machines. Our laboratory also equipped with automatic dispensing system as well as Datacolor Spectrophotometer System.

      Owing to precious and accumulated knitting experience, we have gained the trust from the international end-buyers, such as LINING, GAP, YISHION, CK, PRADA, FREDPERRY, BURBERRY, CAP, NEXT, etc.. They are mostly innovated by our creative fabrics and progressive trend visions.

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